The Total Security Concept

At Corporate Loss Prevention Associates, we are the Total Security Concept. This is not merely a clever slogan or marketing tool - it is a philosophy born with the vision of the company, and developed over time through experience, dedication, and quite simply, a penchant for "the good guys." To us, it encompasses all of our hard work and effort in preventing, surrounding, and eradicating losses to legitimate citizens and businesses everywhere.
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Asset analysis & recovery – Legal matters – Corporate fraud – Terrorism – Forensic accounting, – Civil, criminal, & personal – Surveillance – Retail loss/fraud – Copyright infringement – Employment issues …
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Airport services – Residential services – Commercial and office services – Hotel and motel services. Need we say more?
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Technical Services

GPS tracking – Intrusion detection – Digital electronic & card access – CCTV monitoring system – Covert electronic surveillance & camera systems – Eavesdropping protection – Remote access…
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Detection Equipment

Trace detection – Affordable – Portability – Sampling method – ETD – Itemiser® DX – X-ray – Consumable…

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