September 7, 2016

Company History

Corporate Loss Prevention Associates was established in 1980, the brainchild of Joseph V. Clabby, a renowned New York City Police Detective who was a leader in the eradication of white collar crime with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Mr. Clabby’s idea was to create a “one stop shop” for all of the security concerns that faced individuals and businesses with the development of technology and the economic status of the 80’s. The theory was that when all aspects of loss prevention are considered, there are fewer cracks in the security system, and therefore fewer losses. When you have one company that is knowledgeable in all areas of loss prevention, you have a company that can look at your home / business / facility and determine where your weakest links are in all areas, you can then secure all areas and put your losses at a minimum.

Because of the reputation for excellence that developed, Corporate Loss Prevention Associates’ client list grew to include private citizens, building management firms, law firms, real estate agencies, airline cargo divisions, currency transportation firms, banks, credit card companies, retail establishments, merchandising companies, trademark holders, hotels, cooperative apartments, warehouse facilities, trucking companies, event venues, and even government agencies.

The structure of Corporate Loss Prevention Associates is what gives the firm a competitive edge. While there are three separate divisions in the company that each provide an area of expertise, combined they provide the most comprehensive loss prevention systems available today. In fact, many clients chose at first to utilize only one of these departments, however, as their needs changed they were able to adjust their security systems to suit their situation, and now receive services from all three.