September 19, 2016

GPS Management

GPS Fleet Management

Corporate Loss Prevention Associates helps businesses manage the way their vehicles are operated by using Global Positioning Satellite technology. It is state-of-the-art technology that is simple to use and easy to maintain.

By using our GPS system, companies with a mobile work force can keep better track of their vehicles, employees, and their costs with pinpoint accuracy. The dynamic combination of our proprietary hardware, web application, and network services results in a revolutionary tracking system that provides management with a complete record of vehicle locations, routes, speed, stops, and much more in “real time” over the internet. With that information in hand, businesses are reporting a more efficient and productive workforce.

Our GPS Hardware is:

An Industrial strength solution for GPS fleet tracking Based on its small size and super sensitive GPS Transponder it is installed under the dash board, out of reach and out of sight. Driver tampering is significantly minimizing because there are no antennas to cover up or unscrew; there is no SIM cards to pull out and there is no power harness to unplug like other GPS devices. Because it has its own CPU, GPS transponder and GPRS radio it is designed specifically to deliver reliability in covert installations.

Our GPS system guarantees to increase:

Employee Efficiency
Company Profits

While at the same time reducing:

Fuel Costs
Unauthorized use of vehicles after hours
Vehicle accidents

GPS Alerts

Our GPS management software lets you know when an activity is occurring. With pre-defined alerts you know when your vehicle is:

Entering/Exiting a location
Excessive Idling or Stoppage
When Ignition Starts/Stops
When vehicle movement occurs
When sensors activate

Alerts are sent instantly via email to recipients defined by you. These alerts enable you to better monitor employees as well as accurately track shipments.

GPS Options

Driver Dispatch and Navigation

Two-Way Text Messaging and Navigation

With the two-way text messaging and navigation option, you can connect to a Garmin navigation unit to two-way text message and dispatch an entire route directly to the device.

Route your vehicles and communicate with your drivers using the most user friendly GPS based route management and communications system available today – at a price you can afford…

In conjunction with Garmin, the industry leader in turn-by-turn navigation systems we proudly offers the Driver Dispatch Fleet Management System. Cost effective and driver friendly, this system was designed to provide companies with cutting edge tools for tracking, routing, dispatching and messaging. Reliable real-time wireless connectivity combined with voice aided guidance make this the perfect tool for drivers, dispatchers and customer service.

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