September 19, 2016



Corporate Loss Prevention Associates’ Investigations Division is an integral part of a complete loss prevention program. In fact, the most comprehensive loss prevention programs start with a Vulnerability Threat Assessment (VTA) conducted by members of the investigative team. This service is provided to examine every aspect of your home or business for “cracks” in your current security system, from entrance/exit security to key control, from pre employment screening to security cameras, from alarm systems to door locks. This VTA is documented in a hard copy report complimented with photographs, to include sections of personnel management, training, facilities, security procedures, emergency procedures, warehousing, methods of distribution, transportation, drug usage, violence in the workplace, terrorism, criminal activities, pilferage, direct thefts, and safety concerns, all where applicable. The report states what is adequate and what needs improvement, as well as recommends how to improve loss prevention measures already in place and implement those measures that are necessary to a comprehensive loss prevention program. Corporate Loss Prevention Associates has the capability of putting these measures in place, and improve your security from the ground up. If you decide to improve on your security plan following the VTA, we are able to provide any and all of the services you choose, keeping cost effectiveness a major priority.

In addition to providing Vulnerability Threat Assessments, the investigations division provides investigative support in the event of a loss. Our investigators review videotapes, interview witnesses and suspects utilizing proven law enforcement techniques (as well as the widely accepted “Reid” and “Zulawski and Wichlander” techniques), and provide invaluable support to criminal cases that may develop from these situations.

Our investigative services are not limited to loss prevention, however. We are fully licensed and bonded as private investigators in the states of New York and New Jersey, and have professional contacts throughout the nation.

Please feel free to contact us for any services we may not have listed here; we offer full service investigations and would appreciate the opportunity to prove our reputation.

Asset analysis and recovery

With one of the most comprehensive computer databases nationwide, and investigators trained in on site court research, Corporate Loss Prevention Associates can provide you with the answers you need to uncover assets and obtain and enforce law suits and judgments when you are a victim of fraud or default. Part of these services may include the location and development of background witnesses and informants. Regardless of the amount that is rightfully yours, we concentrate our efforts in protecting your rights.

Research support

At Corporate Loss Prevention Associates we have developed one of the most comprehensive computer database systems available today. With these tools we are able to perform in depth research into individuals, businesses, organizations, and property, providing you with the information you need, keeping cost effectiveness and time constraints major priorities. Because of this database system, much of the information required for your investigation is at our fingertips, available in a matter of minutes.

Legal matters:

Litigation support

When you need to know that your interests are a top priority, you can turn to us for invaluable support in your litigation. Corporate Loss Prevention Associates can provide the computerized and on site research necessary to your case, as well as any surveillance or witness questioning. Our staff is comprised of former law enforcement and military personnel, giving us the skills necessary for a thorough and effective investigation.

Corporate Fraud

Many business and organizations suffer from the effects of corporate fraud, to include bribery, kickbacks, violation of trust schemes, theft of trade secrets, insider trading, contract fraud, theft of proprietary information, and vendor / supplier ethics. Through concentrated investigations, Corporate Loss Prevention Associates can uncover these illegal practices and help you eradicate the problem and restore order to your company. Major cases involving these schemes have been conducted for government agencies and real estate management firms throughout New York, and on a smaller scale for many businesses in the tri state area.

Insurance and Legal Matters

With the extensive law enforcement background of our investigations department, Corporate Loss Prevention Associates is able to assist law firms and insurance companies with investigations regarding claims, negligence, compensation, and personal injury. Invaluable support in these matters can be provided in the form of surveillance, background investigations, document retrieval and research, and witness / suspect interviews.

Business Terrorism Countermeasures

At Corporate Loss Prevention Associates, our background allows us to have experience in corporate espionage and terrorism, enabling the most sensitive of issues to be handled professionally and with respect to privacy and secrecy issues. Because of our experience, we understand that there may be measures in place compromising your privacy and security. We have the tools and knowledge to eradicate these threats and protect you, your business, your valuables, and your property, both real and intellectual.


Corporate Loss Prevention Associates’ team of investigators is experienced in personal protection, escorting, and the preparation of surveys and awareness programs for individuals and corporations. Members of senior management were activated by the United States Intelligence Command during the Middle East Crisis (Desert Shield / Storm) and the peacekeeping efforts in Bosnia. These individuals were assigned to identify and locate terrorist groups, trace their activities, and identify their mission and financial backing. These same skills allow our investigators to perform similar functions for you and your business.

Forensic Accounting

The investigative staff at Corporate Loss Prevention Associates has been trained, both from prior experience and in house, in the examination of documents and records. From the examination of financial records, bookkeeping practices, contracts, applications, agreements, etc., we have been successful in uncovering fraud, recovering assets, and discovering suspects for many individuals and companies suffering from losses and thefts.

Civil Investigations

Corporate Loss Prevention Associates can be the difference in your case between winning and losing. Our surveillance, research, and document analysis makes the difference by providing hands on evidence to support your claim, or even to refute a false claim placed against you. Depending on case specifics, surveillance, document research, and computer database searches can all provide the hard evidence needed to support your claim.

Criminal Investigations

With an investigative staff comprised of personnel with experience in law enforcement, the military, and various government agencies, Corporate Loss Prevention still performs “old fashioned police work,” to include witness interviews, suspect interviews, background investigations, and even expert testimony. We have provided our services for cases involving burglary, vandalism, extortion, kidnapping, stalking, and homicide.

Personal Investigations

Our investigative department is aware how much your personal matters mean to you. We place the same importance on all of our cases, and keep confidentiality and professionalism at the forefront of our services. Corporate Loss Prevention Associates can provide assistance for all of your investigative needs, including financial inquiries, investigative audits, marital and custody matters, and estate issues.


While Corporate Loss Prevention Associates ensures your investigations are conducted with state of the art technology and the most up to the minute methods available, nothing can take the place of good, old fashioned investigative work. With a staff of experienced investigators on hand, we can ensure your case is handled with the most cost effective solutions available today. Our staff is trained and re–trained in the methods of surveillance and covert operations, and the importance of discretion and integrity are an integral part of any case handled by our firm.

Retail loss prevention / fraud investigations

Retail establishments are extremely vulnerable to theft and fraud, both internal and external. With the exchange of merchandise and monetary transactions, the threat of loss is tremendous. Corporate Loss Prevention Associates can provide all the necessary means to reduce losses, including counter shoplifting devices, receipt auditing, covert camera systems, physical security specialists, and internal theft investigations with undercover operatives.

Trademark and Copyright infringement

We are a recognized experts throughout the production and merchandising industries, and have become renowned for the ability to uncover leads, develop informants, seize illegal merchandise, find the origin of the illegal merchandise, and prosecute guilty parties with expert testimony and hard evidence. Corporate Loss Prevention Associates’ investigators have preformed covert operations to stop the illegal production, distribution, and sale of counterfeit, gray market, and trademark infringing products. Protecting intellectual property is one of our specialties, and clients include event venues, performers, celebrities, designer labels, and sports teams.

Trademarks we currently represent or have represented in the past include:

American Eagle
Citizens of Humanity Jeans
Jimmy Choo
Marvel Enterprises
Polo Ralph Lauren
Rock Republic Jeans
Seven Jeans
The North Face

Labor and Employment Issues

Corporate Loss Prevention Associates has conduced in depth investigations for companies dealing with the problems of internal thefts, labor disputes, substance abuse, and worker’s compensation fraud. Our investigators conduct interviews, review evidence (such as videotape), and perform undercover operations to determine suspects and glean information. Many companies have discovered their loss of profit was actually due to an employee figuring out the system, and creating a ring of theft that without detailed investigation and auditing would have gone undetected indefinitely.

Employment screening and application fraud

Our team of experienced investigators can ensure the integrity of your business or building by verifying and investigating the applications that you receive for employment and/or residence. At Corporate Loss Prevention Associates, we specialize in the detection of fraud and the protection of our clients’ interests. We can ensure you are aware of the background of the individual you are allowing into your business or home. In short, we provide our clients with peace of mind, a rarity in today’s world.