September 19, 2016

Security Services


Corporate Loss Prevention Associates has been providing security services to our clients for over twenty years. Through the experiences and knowledge of our dedicated staff, we have become well known in the industry, and chances are you know someone who has utilized our services. Our clients range from airline cargo divisions to elite hotels, and include cooperative apartments, retail establishments, warehouses, banks, and other financial institutions.

“The Total Security Concept” is once again exemplified through our guard force. Corporate Loss Prevention Associates is licensed by the New York State Department of State Division of Licensing Services as a certified Security Guard Training School, ensuring that all guards hired by our company and placed in our clients’ facilities are properly trained and licensed as described by New York State and Federal Law. In addition, our guards are specifically trained for the site to which they will be assigned, allowing them to focus in on and become experts at the site’s specific needs, including camera monitoring, access control systems, airport cargo duties, and even x ray machine operation.

Our offices are operative twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The availability of management personnel enables our clients to have contact, as well as our guards, keeping a close circle of communication that is so vital, yet so often overlooked. This managerial support is one of the key elements that make our guard force more than a cut above the rest.

Corporate Loss Prevention Associates’ basic structure is what separates and elevates us from the other security companies. Our in house experts provide the necessary loss prevention measures to ensure that our guard force has the means to effectively secure your facility. As mentioned in the Investigations Department page, the Vulnerability Threat Assessment, which evaluates all aspects of security in relation to a specific site (residential or commercial), allows us to know that site inside and out in relation to security, before any guards or systems are placed there. This is a vital tool when planning your security / loss prevention program, allowing our guards to have all the information they need to properly secure your facility. After reviewing the security precautions already in place, and including the addition of any other services that may be necessary for your piece of mind, our guards can effectively enforce those measures and put your losses at a minimum.

Security guards employed by Corporate Loss Prevention Associates are given the opportunity to be promoted and to receive salary advances when performance is exemplary. Combined with annual raises and benefits, this incentive program leads to the dedication and personal motivation that makes our guard force so effective.

Whether you need one guard or one hundred guards, Corporate Loss Prevention Associates will provide you with the services you need in a customized plan to fit your budget.

Airport Services

Our airport security force has been operating out of LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy Airports for over twenty years. Our security guards provide services including cargo import / export “checkers,” pre board screening and passenger protection, U.S. Customs bonded freight warehouse clearance, armed high value escorting, aircraft watches and hangar access restriction duty, emergency services and catastrophe response, and immigration detention escorting. Many of our guards have been trained by and have received “Fire Guard Certificates of Fitness” from the Fire Department of New York.

Our firm has Security Officers assigned at various locations at JFK International Airport, many of which are specialized in screening. Corporate Loss Prevention Associates currently have 115 certified and trained TSA Screeners that are in full compliance with the most recent Emergency Amendments mandated by the TSA. Our Security Screeners are equipped and skilled in conducting thorough screening procedures on cargo (including X-ray and physical inspection). Our Screeners keep close track of all current screening activities and records them accordingly. Upon audits from the TSA, Corporate Loss Prevention Associates have received numerous comments from TSA Inspectors complimenting us on our good job performance. They say that we are always “well organized and up to par with our work”

Corporate Loss Prevention Associates has worked and continues to work hand in hand with the TSA to conduct many presentations and consultations dealing specifically with security issues. We have been heavily involved in helping them to relay important security information to all Carriers and Ground Handling Companies throughout JFK.

Corporate Loss Prevention Associates works directly with the Port Authority to help prevent and stop crime, pilferage, theft, and unlawful activities within the airport. Undercover Ops from our firm have aided the Port Authority Police on numerous occasions to help solve crime cases at various facilities at JFK. Our Technical Services Division has assisted PA Investigators with cameras and other technical tools and equipment to help catch perpetrators in the act of crime. Unlike other Security Companies we intertwine our Security Services, Investigative Services, and Technical Services to ensure 100 % productivity for our customers. We strongly believe in justice and with our close connection with the Port Authority we would make sure that your facility is secure at all times.

Residential Services

Security services are not limited to big business and corporations. Private citizens have utilized our security services for mobile response inspections, mobile patrols, security concierge duty, construction protection, and visitor / vendor escorting.

Commercial and Office Services

Many companies and businesses today have to deal daily with issues of security. Many people do not feel safe, even in the workplace. The presence of a security force in the building can alleviate many of the fears and stresses that occur in today’s corporate world. Corporate Loss Prevention Associates provides services to many offices in the tri state area, including lobby security officers, fire safety and emergency evacuation, reception / visitor guidance officers, service area / package room protection officers, and trained closed circuit television monitoring officers.

Hotel and Motel Services

Corporate Loss Prevention Associates provides security forces for hotel properties throughout New York. Typically, a guard force utilized by a hotel will provide the services of security managers and directors, fire safety directors and floor watches, lobby protection, time keeper / key control, and loss prevention and apprehension officers.