September 7, 2016

Senior Staff


Joseph V. Clabby

Joseph V. Clabby founded the agency in 1980, while a member of the New York City Police Department where he was employed since 1969. In 1972, Mr. Clabby was promoted to the rank of Detective, assigned to the New York County District Attorney’s Office. During his tenure, he became their White Collar Crime Expert and lectured at various banks and financial institutions on such topics as apprehension, protection, and the effects of economic crime and financial fraud schemes. In 1984, after retiring from the NYPD, he dedicated his expertise to the development of Corporate Loss Prevention Associates. Through his dedication, the firm has become a leader in the loss prevention industry. This recognition includes numerous appearances in Federal and State court jurisdictions, providing expert testimony in trademark counterfeiting enforcement.

In addition to his law enforcement background, Mr. Clabby is an active member of the Intelligence community and is a commissioned officer in the United States Army Reserves. In 1990, Mr. Clabby participated in the “Desert Storm” conflict in Saudi Arabia, commanding an anti-terrorism task force, which successfully investigated and identified numerous operating terrorist groups, terminating their acts against United States Military Installations, personnel, and civilians.

In February of 1997, Mr. Clabby was again asked by the United States Army to provide his expertise in investigating terrorism and war crimes in the support of our peacekeeping efforts in Bosnia. Mr. Clabby commanded an international team of investigators, comprised of British, German, French, and Russian Counter Intelligence Agents. Mr. Clabby’s credentials include a Bachelors of Science Degree in Police Science from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a MBA in Public Administration, along with numerous certifications and accreditations for courses and seminars attended in loss prevention and anti-terrorism. Currently, Mr. Clabby serves as the Security Team Leader for KAAMCO at John F. Kennedy International Airport and was awarded Man Of The Year for KAAMCO in 2003. In accordance with this position, he has developed a Terrorism Awareness Program for airport personnel in conjunction with the Queens District Attorney’s Office and the New York State Office of Homeland Security. Mr. Clabby is also a professor of Homeland Security in aviation at Farmingdale State College and is a member of the security guard advisory council for the State of New York.


Vidya Ramsammy

Vidya Ramsammy graduated from New York Technical College and is currently attending York College and pursuing a degree in Business Administration. Ms. Ramsammy has been with CLPA since 2003 and during that time has developed the knowledge and experience to become one of the foremost experts in the aviation industry. She has proven herself in many advanced training programs to include the TSA, Department of Homeland Security, Explosive Trace Detection and is a New York State certified security officer trainer.

Currently, Ms. Ramsammy is attending courses given by, GE Security- Homeland Protection, for advanced technology. Ms. Ramsammy works very closely with clients on the preparation of security plans that work within their budgets. Her expertise in aviation security enables her to develop site-specific training programs for our clients.


Clorinda Antonucci

With twenty-five years of operations experience working for American Airlines, Clorinda Antonucci transitioned in 2007 into a leadership position within the facility operations and customer service industry. As Airserv Corporation’s Regional Manager, Ms. Antonucci grew revenues to an annual volume of $15 million. Joining CLPA in 2015, Ms. Antonucci was responsible for business development and marketing.

In 2018, Ms. Antonucci was promoted to Vice President. With this rarely matched corporate and entrepreneurial expertise, Ms. Antonucci is uniquely qualified to understanding clients operating needs regardless of facility size, operating objectives, and facility’s customer service requirements.

A longtime community service volunteer, Ms. Antonucci was acknowledged with the Brooklyn Community Services “Employer Recognition Award” in 2010 for her work in providing employment opportunities for individuals with physical and mental disabilities. Ms. Antonucci has also served as an Executive Board Member of LaGuardia Airport Division of the Kiwanis Club, President of the JFK Rotary International Club, Executive Board Member of the JFK Chamber of Commerce, and is a member of KAAMCO, LAAMCO.


Eddy Ramlall

Eddy Ramlall has been working for Corporate Loss Prevention Associates (CLPA) for over eight years. Mr. Ramlall is a graduate of CUNY and holds a degree in finance. In addition, he is a New York State Certified Instructor, and teaches the following topics: Physical Search, Explosive Trace Detection (ETD), X-Ray as per the AOSSP/MSP/ACISP.

Mr. Ramlall is also trained on the CCSP program and has conducted numerous training at Certified Cargo Screening Facilities. Mr. Ramlall is a certified trainer for American Airlines and is also an Authorized Representative between CLPA and American Airlines.  Mr. Ramlall is responsible for compliance in the North East region for CLPA, he ensures that all Screeners and Security Officers are following the TSA guidelines. Mr. Ramlall has attended numerous training for advanced technology equipment specifically ETD, X-Ray, and CO2 machines.


Eulises Rivera

Eulises Rivera joins Corporate Loss Prevention Associates with extensive experience in managing Security contracts.

Mr. Rivera’s history included managing a portfolio in excess of 12,000 weekly hours in the New York area. Eulises was responsible for scheduling, discipline, mentoring and coaching the Security Officers assigned to his multiple locations. In addition, he maintained a reputation of service excellence with his Clients and maintained exemplary Client Relationships.

In addition, Eulises has an extensive background in the Aviation field, including management of union and non-union workforces, Security Management, Vendor Management, grievance procedures and all associated activities related to Aviation Security.

Eulises has been recognized by Executive Leadership for his proactive planning, strategic partnerships and his ability to ensure Client satisfaction through stabilizing his Security Officer workforce and engaging his personnel to maintain a positive and professional workforce.